This platform is for Black voices speaking.

This platform is for raw, unfiltered messages.

This platform is for everyone already listening – and for everyone who needs to start.


Now is the time to listen

Our conversations with Black friends, family, and colleagues made it clear that we could contribute in this small way. We’re a diverse collection of people who want to take action. Using the skills we’ve developed to build brands, we want to amplify Black voices.

Through these videos, and whatever organically grows from them, we hope to bring Black voices and community leaders’ words to more people, of all backgrounds, including the Black community itself.

We want to see our country and our world change. We want a better now and a better future.

The Black community knows the problems and solutions.

They are telling us what they are.

Let’s all listen.


Hear Us Here series

Hear Us Here is a channel for messages that need to be heard. Everyone needs to tune into what the Black community is saying. And no one behind Hear Us Here wants to shape the dialogue or fit an agenda.

In the Hear Us Here series, Black voices and leaders speak about topics that are important to them. These community members include political figures, artists, activists, professionals, faith leaders, and more.

Topics that have come up:

  • Police funding
  • Police abolition
  • Public safety reform
  • Black Trans issues
  • Diversity & inclusion topics
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Navigating life as a Black person in the United States
No matter who you are

it’s time to listen.

It’s time to act.

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